Book editing

Michalis Economou, The house that dreams, The Averoff Museum, Metsovo, Greece

Bafiti T. & Kalarritis G. (eds) (2009). Systems approach: Theory and applications. Athens: Ellinika Grammata [in greek]

In this collaborative book, the systemic approach in psychotherapy is presented. The authors present analytically both its theoretical context and its applications. They offer a systemic point of view for various important issues that mental health professionals deal with such as the relation of biology & psychology, the diagnostic process, family dynamics and drug abuse, student counselling, couple relationships etc.

Kalarritis, G. & Bafiti, T. (eds) (2005). Healthy body in a healthy mind. Athens: Ellinika Grammata [in greek] 

The outcome of many significant therapists’ views, this book adresses significant research and clinical data with regard to the issue of health and disease from a systemic point of view. It covers a wide range of concerns and proposals about the interaction between mind & body, the application of treatment techniques for the expression of emotional trauma, the dilemmas of professionals who treat individuals who suffer, and those in the training of mental health trainees. The book was published to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations and includes papers that were presented at a special conference which organised for the occasion.