“‘All you need is love’. Attachment theory in Psychotherapy” [in Greek]

“‘All you need is love’. Attachment theory in Psychotherapy” [in Greek]

Although we can not define it most of the times, love is what we all try to have in our lives. We can not specify how much of it we want or we can endure. If we can give it, receive it, or if we deserve it. We often wonder how much love we received in our lives and almost every time our mind goes to parents, grandparents, siblings and other people who loved us or we wanted to have done so.
Many times we suspect, or we are certain, that in those primary relationships there are clues which can help us understand our current relationships and why, some times, they fall sort of our expectations or they  do not cover our needs.

Attachment theory suggests a framework of understanding our emotional development and the creation of our personality. It claims that our first relationships with those who cared for us are introjected as models of relating to people and determine the type and the way of relating to others in later life. 

The seminar/workshop is suitable for mental health professionals. Applications of other relevant professionals will be considered on an individual basis.

Its aim is to interrelate attachment theory with psychotherapeutic & counselling practice where the clinician, as a “secure base” confronts the challenge to help people repair disrupted, deficient or detached emotional bonds.

Among the subjects that we are going to cover theoretically as well as experientially and via clinical vignettes, are: Basic concepts of attachment theory, transmission of attachment style, creation and cut off of attachment, neurobiology of attachment, temperament & attachment, psychological strategies and defences in insecure attachments, evaluation instruments of attachment style, attachment disorders in various ages and their treatment, etc..

Coordinator: George Kalarritis