“Neurosciences and their application to Psychotherapy” [in Greek]

“Neurosciences and their application to Psychotherapy” [in Greek]

The seminar is suitable for mental health as well as for other health & education professionals and students with an interest in psychotherapy. 

It focuses on the rapid and exciting developments in the field of neurosciences and the application of their findings in psychotherapy, counselling and  psychoeducation of individuals, couples, families, and groups.   

The seminar investigates the principles of the development and organisation of the brain (a social organ which is constructed genetically as well as through environmental interactions, especially relationships) on the level of basic structures and complex systems, and tries to illuminate both the healthy & the suffering mind. 

The synthesis of this knowledge with the day to day practice of psychotherapeutic & counselling work offers new ways of interventions and validates old ones, putting a special emphasis  on the therapeutic relationship as a lever for new neuronal synapses and changes in the lives of people.

Coordinator: George Kalarritis